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Offering the best quality printing solutions at highly competitive prices, ASHMAND has succeeded in gaining its customer’s trust in this sector. Working with the best international brands in printing technologies, ASHMAND guarantees superior performance in high resolution speed printing and the maximum customer satisfaction. ASHMAND’S skilled service staff and experience with a wide range of printing technologies and components allow our company to provide a suitable service to meet our clients’ needs. Installation requirements are a fundamental consideration in the printing process, helping to ensure that the machines are installed quickly and correctly. All ASHMAND installations are managed to guarantee timely and effective installation.


ASHMAND is the agent of the best quality printing technologies:


1- Printing Machines


A- Durst



For high technology digital printing on all kinds of material, we offer Durst, the most superior brand in the outdoor printing industry. Durst manufactures a variety of Roll to Roll and Flatbed UV Inkjet Printers.


Other Durst printers also include, glass decoration machine, Roll-to-roll Dye Sublimation Textile Printers and Roll-to-roll UV Inkjet Printers with their many different models and options.


B- Jeti



ASHMAND was the agent of the known brand Jeti produced by Gandi innovations – Canada. Super wide format printers for outdoor printing up to 5m wide for the advertising market to print billboards.


C- Screen
For the prepress and offset industry, we offer prepress and digital printing machines we use the newest technologies of high precision engineering of Screen-Japan:


Advanced CTP units that make high-performance CTP
output a reality in your production environment.



The high-performance thermal plate recorders feature Screen’s unique external drum imaging technology combined with high-precision optics. These units boast cutting-edge functions that take full advantage of the high quality offered by thermal plates. They can also be paired with a variety of automated systems that enable long periods of unmanned operation, facilitate timely plate delivery and contribute significantly to higher press operating ratios.


Digital Printing:
True press Jet520 is full Color Variable Inkjet Printing System:



Production printers are always looking for mass-print marketing alternatives to improve response rates, reduce costs, and increase demand for products.


Conventional commercial print job lengths have been reduced as marketing shifts to personalization printing, targeting the specific needs of a particular customer or market segment.


This trend is leading to the increased need for customized printing, with the highest impact coming from full-color variable printing.


Color variable print allows companies to go beyond focusing on a particular customer type, and talk to an individual.


Personalized printed material can be interesting and effective to the target individual, catching their attention and producing a greater response. Commercial print companies expanding into. The variable data printing market are sure to succeed as the trend continues to shift away from static printing.


2- Security Printing:
A – Security Paper, Holograms, Security Solutions
B – Security Printing Machines



3- Printing Material
A – Starflex
Partner5ASHMAND represents, Starflex for their premium flexible print material up to 5m width. Some of the Starflex material include: Black & white heat-laminated PVC Flex Banner/Digital Printing Material, Digital printing PVC Flex Banner material, PVC foam sheets Self-adhesive-Vinyl LED-Blueback and stylized paper, front light banner flex, frontlet glossy flex banner, and PVC flex banner, made of high quality PVC film, widely used for digital printing such as over-sized outdoor hanging banners.


B- Avery
ASHMAND represents Avery Dennison Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials for printing & signage.


C- Lucky graphic company ( HG plates)
ASHMAND represents Huaguang graphic arts film printing plates thatHuaguang (1) became the most famous products with the biggest production sales & the most advances technology in china.


The major products are PS plates, PS Plates , CTP Plates thermal plates graphic art film, PCB film , Felxo plates ,digital ink –jet printing machine , UV ink, CTP plates- making system , polyester film , coated base, UV curing material & chemical to match with , etc. ., which have been wildly applied in printing , electronics , packaging , textile printing & dyeing , home construction , appliance , advertising , decoration, electronic information , automobile , machinery & health care, all the products are with the trademark of “Huaguang” Huaguang trademark was named China ‘s well – known trademark.


ASHMAND represents several ink manufactures, for offset and digital printing.


E- Other Consumables
ASHMAND has also suppliers from the rest of the world providing prepress and offset consumables (Ink, Plates and Films & paper.).