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Ashmand is committed to creating maximum value for its clients by providing high quality solutions:


With its high reliability and economic efficiency, Ashmand is a leading provider of telecom and power solutions. Ashmand imports, installs and markets a full line of highly efficient, high density power system solutions for the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets. We carry a product lines with extremely flexible architecture and can rapidly modify standard products to meet the needs of customers who require non-standard output voltages. Ashmand provides photovoltaic technology, solar energy systems, batteries, obstruction lights, power supply systems and DC power supply systems.


In the battery division Ashmand is the sole agent in Egypt of Exide Technologies. Exide are global leaders, manufacturers and distributors of batteries. It is the world’s foremost supplier of lead-acid batteries for Network Power, Motive Power and Automotive applications with an increasing presence in emerging battery technology. Applications include Passenger and vehicles, Marine and Leisure applications, Motorcycle, Light Commercial / Truck, Plant, Equipment, Mobility scooters and ride on Lawn Mowers. Industrial applications such as Forklifts, Communication networks, Solar, Trains, UPS and a vast range of specialist products, designed to keep you moving at work or play, time after time. Exide Technologies operates in 89 countries, with 17 Automotive manufacturing plants, 11 Industrial manufacturing plants and 12 Recycling facilities.


In addition Ashmand uses Emerson power solutions for their wide range of products and services in the areas of network power,. Emerson serves a variety of industries including, Data Center. Networking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Wireless Access. Emerson network power solutions include DC Power, Embedded Computing, and Embedded Power. Emerson’s process management focuses on wireless technologies. Built on open, interoperable IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) and industrial Wi-Fi standards, Emerson Smart Wireless unlocks the insight you need to reach your full potential. Shattering the physical, economic, and technical barriers to the information you need, and giving your people the freedom to perform. Emerson industrial automation has a very effective role by offering the most trusted and innovative solutions in power generation, electrical protection, power quality, mechanical power transmission, fluid automation, materials joining, precision cleaning and machine motion.


In the subdivision of Solar Power, Ashmand chooses to work with FVG for their Italian made, world renowned photovoltaic technology, which is very efficient in this market. FVG Energy offers high efficiency, high power and high quality solar modules. They offer both polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules that are suitable for residential, commercial and farm systems, along with solar park systems and stand alone systems. These modules include: FVG 60-156P made in EU, FVG 72-156M 285-300 W, FVG 60-156M 235-250 W, FVG 96-125M 245-260 W, FVG 84-125M 215-230 W, FVG 72-125M 185-200 W, FVG 36-125M 85-100 W, FVG 72-156P 270-285 W, FVG 60-156P 225-240 W, FVG 36-156P 130 W, FVG 36M 25-60 W, and FVG 36P 10-100 W.